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Sunday, 4 September 2011


i found the blog again really must put something on it !!!!! its been so long and a lot has happened but i will post some thing on here soon !!! to all my blog followers keep watching !!! lol
Sabine with grandad at chessington

Tuesday, 14 December 2010

At Lastt !!!!

I just wanted to be on the list for updating but iv not done anything but look out i am about to!!!!!  sorry Tracy i know you will be looking and all excited to see what iv done !!! Ha! Ha!

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

some family photos

We were so cute!!!
Janet. Gloria and me.

Gloria and me!!!!

Brian and Pams day out London

We went to a Housing conference in London and got to meet Sally Gunell, Great lady, She was the guest speaker.

After we went  for a walk around around London heading to china town, doesn't Brian look well? we walked our socks off!!! The sun was shinning we had a good day, Just before leaving to catch the train home i decided i needed a drink so the nearest place was a Kentucky Fried Chicken, in we went, we decided it was a while since we ate so got chicken, while sitting there Brian became unwell so we left and headed for the train station, Brian was so ill by the time we reached Canterbury i called an Ambulance, he was  very poorly and i called our friend and Bishop Pete Lewer who came to the hospital  and stayed with me until we knew Brian was out of danger,Thanks Pete ! It made me realize hows life is so precious and you can be here one moment and gone the next.
The next week was made up of hospital visits until Brian was well enough to come home, were he slowly recovered.

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Evie,s Half Term Holiday

 I have been meaning to update for ages but not got round to it,

Evie spent her weeks Holiday with us where we did a lot of local visits.

Elizabeth and Evie Dover Castle

Dover Castle

Evie checking the Jail out at the top of the Westgate Towers, Canterbury

 A good week but it went to fast and Evie returned home.

Thursday, 27 May 2010


So the next big event in the white life.

Amber and Simon Left to go back to America, of course taking Asher and Maddie with them, We helped them sell all their stuff that they couldn’t take with them, it was so sad, then came the 10th March the day for departure, we took 2 cars to Heathrow Airport with all the baggage and everyone in, we didn’t have time for long goodbyes we saw them through as far as we could go, waving until we could see them no more!!!

I held it all together no tears, Brian drove Simons car and I drove our home, We went straight to their house as soon as I got in the tears came, it was a home no more to my wonderful kids,

The next few weeks were busy following Ambers to do list!! (Very good lists) we packed the rest of the house up and the movers came in and took the rest of the items to ship out to them.
Then came the sad day of handing the keys to the person who had brought the house from them, so now it was final.
Amber and Simon headed for salt lake to Ambers mums, they stayed and visited with her for a couple of weeks, then Simon got a job in Arizona, so they went and stayed with Ambers sister (Robin and family) just for a week or so, they are now living in a holiday home on a private golf course (they got a good deal as it is out of season as its too hot there!!!!) We wish!!! They are now waiting to confirm the purchase of a new home that they can all settle in, (we hope to visit soon)

We miss our babies very much but see them regularly on Skype, Maddie is growing fast and now has lots of hair, Asher is now talking more and getting up to more mischief, he now has a little boys’ hair cut and seems to have grown up fast.


Maddie and mum looking beautiful!!!

Thursday, 13 May 2010

Dinner Served

Evie praying that she cooks quickly!!!